Coastinet.com's broadband fixed wireless network uses point-to-multipoint technology, powered by Lucent Technologies. Our network employs the most advanced broadband wireless technology with a projected uptime of 99.9 percent. Broadband wireless access is a next-generation technology that is quick to install, cost-effective, fast, and reliable. For business customers coastinet.com's wireless infrastructure will easily integrate with your existing network.

To connect you to the internet, we install a small antenna (see antennas) on the roof or side of your home or office. The antenna is pointed at one of our local towers, establishing your wireless Internet connection. Your connection is always on; you never have to disconnect because you or your kids need to use the phone.

Both Residential and Business users are also protected from unwanted intrusions (hackers) by multiple firewalls, stopping them cold from accessing your network or individual computer.

Coastinet.com works with multiple Tier 1 ISP's which means that you are guaranteed access to the Internet, even if one of our Tier 1 providers experiences a major outage. In addition, we've ensured network reliability by designing additional redundancy, with monitoring and fault detection that proactively averts potential outages or overloads.

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